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Review: Hyperkin SupaRetroN HD The Bit Journal Broadcast Episode 3

Hyperkin SupaRetron HD gameplay

Captured using an elgato game capture HD. I play Street Fighter II Turbo (SFC), TMNT IV, Final Fantasy Adventure / King of ...

Hyperkin Mega Retron HD Review

Today we are checking out a modernized classic console that will allow you to play your Genesis/Mega Drive games in glorious ...

Super Star Wars on Supa Rentron HD: We Play |We Deem

I got frustrated, I got upset and I finally realize how much of a challenge Super Star Wars can be as I played it for the first time on ...

Retro Bit RES Plus Review

This is a review on the Retro-Bit RES Plus. Is it good? Is it faithful to the Original NES? Let's find out. Super Mario Bros.

The Punisher - Sega Mega Drive (Mega Retron HD)

The Punisher - Sega Mega Drive (Mega Retron HD)

Hyperkin Mega Retron HD Gameplay Comparison Video

Here is my comparison\review of the Hyperkin Mega Retron HD. If you didn't know it a Sega Genesis clone console. My Links ...

MegaHD X MEga Original X Retron 5

Ótimo comparativo para você que ainda quer adquirir estes consoles me segue no instagram @tadeuramosoficial.